Social Order

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In order for society to exist and to continue to exist social order and uniformity are important parts of making sure society doesn’t fall to pieces. Rules, laws, regulations, and even morals and values help direct individuals to what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior. These rules are created by society in order to obtain a social order. Without these things, a conflict will arise due to failure on the part of a societies members. The conflict that isn’t resolved could have the potential to lead to worse things such as havoc or mayhem, anarchy, and uncertainty. The vampire represented fear of those individuals who refused to assimilate to cultural norms and symbolizing a host of societal anxieties about sexual, religious, and cultural …show more content…

In today's society you have to do a pretty bad crime such as murder to receive the death penalty, but “you could lose your head for little or nothing back then.” (Bosnia, Ostoja Milić) Social order was a lot stricter back then, there was no such thing as freedom of speech, “if you grumbled to somebody about the least little thing, or spoke some cross word to somebody, fifty of them would swarm around you and haul you off to the fortress.” (Bosnia, Ostoja Milić). Society disapproved of many things back in this time period. Society disapproved of a thief, a cheat, an unclean soul, an unmarried woman, being excommunicated by the church, a cursed individual (cursed by either parents or the church), and so …show more content…

The fear of the vampire killing him has changed Master Ilija and has not only made him a better man for donating to charity, but also a better addition to society. It was strongly disapproving in society back then to be a cheat and if an individual cheated in some type or way consequences would occur. The vampire would be the consequence. In the third folk narrative the girl left her fiancé for another man, “after three days the girl died. It turned out he had come back for her, to take her with him.” (Marija Karabatakova) The bachelor was betrayed by his fiancé and then comes back to kill her. This installs social order because in that society you were supposed to be committed to your fiancé/husband and the story portrays as a warning to what happens if you don’t obey societies rules. In the eleventh narrative, “one girl became a vampire; her brother has poisoned her. She wasn’t married.” (Mitra Šestakoska). This girl had died while she was unmarried and society disapproved of unmarried women so in this story the woman turns into a vampire after death. In the narrative that took place in Macedonia there was

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