Social Penetration Theory And The Theory

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Social Penetration Theory
Yunsik Jung
Western Kentucky University
Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor originally created the Social Penetration Theory and the theory deals with the ways in which relationships develop and progress. It explains how communication enriches the relationship of two or more individuals. The theory states that closeness develops if communication begins at relatively shallow non-intimate levels and moves in gradual and orderly fashion to deeper more personal levels. The theory proposes that relationships get more intimate over time when people disclose more information about themselves. In Social Penetration theory, it is the case and is quite handy in explaining on how relationships are based on its breadth and depth. Breadth is the array or variety of topics that have been incorporated into individuals ' lives (Altman, 1973). The deeper you cut through the onion, the more smelly or tasty or painful it is to bear. Personality is like a multilayered onion, having the public self-height, weight, and gender on the outer and the private self-values, self-concept, deep emotions on the core. Each opinion, belief, prejudice, and obsession is layered around and within the individual (Taylor, 1987). This is an analogy of how onion 's multilayered skin is our different nature of personality, which needed to be peeled off to eventually show our true colors, may that be our deep dark secret or our unexpected talent. This paper will also include,…
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