Social Problem Within The Family Context

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Part 1: Social Problem within the Family Context The social problem that the social worker has selected Ashley to discuss is children and families (Parents) who are separated due to child sexual abuse and how that leads to stress and trauma with the family. Part 2: Working with Ashley (client) and Family that displays the problem The social worker is working with a Ashley who is now a is a 25-yro single Caucasian-American female who will be referred to as Ashley Sweet to protect Ashley her confidentiality She is currently a part time customer service clerk and stocker at Ralph’s Grocery Store and resides in Torrance. During her initial assessment the Ashley reported that she has a history of anxiety, angry outburst, flashbacks, isolate behavior, feelings of guilt sleep disturbance, intense emotions, worrisome thoughts and guilt stemming back from her childhood when sexually abuse her for 1 month in 2002. Ashley also reported that she has lost all social relationships and a recent romantic relationship. Ashley reported that at the age of 12 her bio dad everyday physically and sexually abused her for a month back in 2002. Ashley reported that she has not had any contact Ashley with her bio dad since she was 12. Ashley reported that her father is an active cocaine user. Ashley has not had any outpatient treatment. Other social problems can be described through Ashley’s global thinking or distorting thinking can be presented through her examples of her current problematic
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