The Incident Of The Local Authority Have Been Tirelessly Working With The Parents Of A Three Year Old Girl

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Summary of the incident The Local Authority have been tirelessly working with the parents of a three year old girl on account of the child being emotionally abused by her father, as well as witnessing, and caught up in, several episodes of severe Domestic Violence between her parents. The longstanding unpredictable and aggressive behaviours of the father are said to typically become highly problematic when his complex mental health is unstable, and he relapses into substance misuse; an occurrence arising more frequently. Multi-agency working adopted numerous measures over time in an attempt to keep both mum and child safer, however, efforts proved futile because mum, failing to understand the significance of the concerns, continuously …show more content…

In the case study, the child’s Maternal Grandfather attended a meeting with my Superior to put himself forward as a carer, and obtain further information about what the care process entails. Appointed to conduct the Grandfather’s screening, a fellow student and I were also present, although our role at this particular meeting was solely on listening to, and understanding, the basis behind the debriefing. The meeting concluded with a further appointment arranged to gain in-depth answers to specific questions in order to formulate an evidence-based verdict as to whether the child would be better off living with her Grandfather. Initial responses to the incident On seeing the Grandfather, my initial thought was that the child should unquestionably be allowed to reside with her Grandfather. This concept arose because the duo allegedly already shared a close relationship, and the Grandfather presented as a kindly and respectable person who could properly tend to the child’s needs. During the meeting, the depth of love the Grandfather had for his Grandchild became apparent in his body language, how he spoke and him commenting that he saw the child every day of her life. In light of the bond, I could empathise with how difficult and frightening the prospect of separation must be, as well as relate with the frustration and annoyance

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