Social Problem with Abortion

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The Social Problem of Abortion

The Social Problem of Abortion
From my sociological imagination I believe that abortion is a social problem. I was raised Catholic. My mother comes from a strong Catholic Hispanic family and my dad was raised with strong white protestant values. I was brought up to believe that abortion was wrong. For the most part my mother believed that all abortion was wrong while my dad probably believed that it was okay if the mother’s life was in danger or possible in case of a rape situation. By the time I was born the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 had already been decided.
Is abortion a social problem? I believe it is according to the definition found in our text. “Social problems- aspects of society that a …show more content…

Two were pretty much portraying pro-choice and stressed the importance of women speaking up on their experience with their abortions. The first one, The Abortion Diaries, was a documentary about 12 women who had abortions speaking about their experience. Although they expressed that they had no regrets, I think some of them did based on some of their emotions portrayed (Lane 2014). Another video I watched was, I had an abortion…Or maybe I didn’t: Leslie Cannold at TEDxCanberra 2012. One thing that jumped out at me from this video was that in the USA and Britain 1 in 3 women have abortions (Cannold 2012). That seemed like a lot to me. In the video the presenter stressed that there should be no shame in having had an abortion. The third video, Pro-life – The Tide is changing, talked about the student pro-life movement in colleges. It talked about how the majority of abortions in America are performed on college aged students and that Gallup polls reveal that today’s college students are more prolife than previous generations (Pro-life 2011).
I personally have many issues with abortion. One question I have is how it is funded and the implications that entails. Let’s say the father wants it done and has the money but the mother does not and she has the baby anyway, should the father have to pay child support if he had already given her money to have the abortion? Should the government really be involved in funding? Although I have questions, I really don’t have

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