Social Psychology Chapter Summary

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Social Psychology draws from many different disciplines. These include anthropology, biology, neurology, philosophy, sociology, and psychology. The two main disciplines that have influenced social psychology are sociology and psychology. According to the textbook, “sociology is the scientific study of human society,” (6). This encompasses all aspects of society such as its institutions (religion, government, school, families, etc.). Also, how society is stratified, or arranged, according to such things like class, race, gender, and so on. Basic Social processes, like socialization, deviance, and control, are also studied by sociologists. One final thing that sociology looks at is structure of groups, bureaucracies, and other organizations (7). Whereas the other part of social psychology is comprised of psychology. Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of the individual and individual behavior. Topics that are addressed by psychology are learning, perception, intelligence, emotions, motivation, memory, and personality (7). Combining these two disciplines creates social psychology, it draws heavily from and collaborates both disciplines into one. The book illustrates that early on both disciplines worked very closely together in regards to research and other departments and many times offered courses that were titled social psychology or social relations, rather than sociology or psychology (7). Fast forward to current times, and we can see the two

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