Social Responsibility Report Suncor Energy Inc.

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Social Responsibility Report
Suncor Energy Inc.

Mark 301 – OP95 Fundamentals of Marketing

Suncor Energy Inc. is a company that was founded in 1967; it is Canada 's premier integrated energy company, and the fifth largest North American energy company. Suncor provides thousands of well-paid jobs, puts millions of dollars in Canadian businesses every year, takes action on environment issues and supports our communities by funding local initiatives. (Suncor Website, 2012) Suncor is leading the way in oil sands operations and development while investing in technologies to improve environmental performance. A considerable part of Suncor’s portfolio is invested renewable energy
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This is not only a benefit to the environment, but it also benefits the shareholders as a more efficient company will turn a better profit. Suncor has made it a goal to improve energy efficiency by 10% by 2015. To do this is had focused on developing technologies to increase energy efficiency and recapture. Carbon capture and storage (CCS), Integrated CO2 Network (ICO2N) and CO2 Capture Project (CCP3) are all developed policy and technology projects that have been deployed throughout the Suncor organization. Suncor is also taking a leadership role in Carbon Management Canada (CMC). Suncor is revisiting future growth project designs to evaluate GHG reduction opportunities. Suncor is also participating in advanced research on GHG abatement technologies through CMC, ICO2N, CCP3 and other groups.
There are many by products produced in the oil sands process, many of these are air emissions containing nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and volatile organic compounds. All of these have a detrimental effect on the ecological environment and the employees working around them. Suncor is utilizing complete Environmental Informational Management System (EIMS) implementation for air data for all assets, and investing in equipment and technology to achieve emission reductions. Suncor is continually generating air-related emissions data for reporting purposes, and continues to
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