Social Security Disadvantages

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Social security from the social insurance program and Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) from the public assistance income maintenance program are two similar but different programs. The programs are similar because they are a form of the income maintenance program. The main goal of this program is to reduce poverty and help families and individuals maintain the standard of living. The program operates in some form of cash transfer from the government to individuals. The federal government is responsible for management and transfer and sometimes the federal and state government would match money for the program. The Social Security program is different from the AFDC because it is a social insurance program. These programs are universal…show more content…
The program is only available to individuals that are eligible to receive Social Security Benefits. The general operation of the program is to provide medical insurance for those that qualify and subsidize the cost of health care. The program comes with different part such as Part A only covering hospital care services while Part D covers prescription drugs. Two strengths of the program is its ability cover some of the general cost of health and has a general board coverage, which is useful for seniors. Two weakness the total cost of the system for the government because of doctors giving patients unnecessary testing to pocket money from the system. Another weakness is there is no dental care under the health insurance program. Overall, the program is for a good cause and is widely used by those that…show more content…
The institutional perspective states that problems arise from societal deficiencies; welfare is a social right for everyone that meets a particular criteria. The perspective also states that problems are attributed to forces that are beyond and individuals control and there should be a minimal means testing for social welfare. The programs that was instituted by President Kennedy Johnson followed the framework that was set forth by the institutional perspective. For an example Title II program of Community Action helped give money to grass roots organizations, building of day cares, community police programs and welfare access programs. Revolved around solving the problems that rose from societal deficiencies and gave welfare to communities that was easily accessible. In Title V for an example, the Work Experience Program which gave businesses incentives for hiring low-income minorities and AFDC. In essence, Johnson’s Great Society helped created programs and institutions that correlated to welfare and that is the centralized idea being the institutional
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