Social Structure

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Social structure surrounds the concept of different structures of groups that create social organizations. Social structures also play a role in defining people. These groups are normally a resolute class. The components of social structure helps fits people into certain categories within the structure that defines them as individuals. Social structure helps divide people into different divisions of society. A community is defined as groups of individuals who enjoy interacting or living within the same space. A community is usually larger than a single household. These individuals tend to share interests and values. Most members of a community have things in common and may also share geographic location. The concept of community is constantly …show more content…

Jeff and Bert are both apart of my community. Jeff is a clerk at the kroger a few blocks away. Bert Is a bus operator for Marta. Jeff is saving up for a car so he uses the Marta to get to work. Many times Jeff is short on the funds; however, Bert supplies him with tokens that he recieves with his promotions. I'm return Jeff allows both Bert and John to use his Kroger number which includes a ten percent discount on all Kroger items. Three characteristics of my community that better represent the social structure that I believe best represents my community are; of complex, industrial societies and labor. I feel the complex system creates multiple ways for human interaction and behavior. The complex characteristic displays the challenges within the environment. In order for one to receive help one must be aware of what area they lack in. Many people feel that asking for help can be difficult. Which may affect their behavior and their interactions with others when they are in need. The complementary characteristics displays the relationship and situation aspects of the community. It also helps unites individuals. When one lacks the ability to complete a task one may ask someone who is familiar with completing that task properly. The community is based on individuals lending a hand and being a helping hand when needed. It unites people and creates a give and take

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