Social Welfare Programs

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The government of the United States provides many social welfare programs to citizens who need the help. These programs are categorized into two main forms, social insurance programs and public assistance programs. One of the public assistance programs is called Medicaid. Medicaid is a health and nursing insurance that is funded by the federal and state governments. This program is for people who have limited resources or incomes. Its stated mission is to foster improvements in the delivery of home care and community-based services through the exchange and implementation of creative ideas among Federal and state legislative and regulatory leaders, Medicaid beneficiaries, and providers of care. Medicaid was established under the Social…show more content…
Payments of the medical bills are always paid for eventually when on this insurance, however the recipients can never know when the payments will actually be made. Another bad thing about this is that some areas of the United States do not have hardly any doctors that accept this form of coverage. These people who live in these areas will have to travel up to hundreds of miles to get to the doctor that they need and usually they are put on an extremely long waiting list to see these doctors because they are in such demand. Another thing that is inferior to other insurances is that after some services are offered, many procedures are declined by the program even though they are needed. The last thing that is unfair about this is that not all people are treated fairly because some states are wealthier than other others so the patients get more money per person. This program is considered unnecessary by many people because it makes their taxes increase and they think people should have to pay for their medical care themselves. Alternatives to Medicaid include Medicare and CHIPS, which are both health insurance programs for people who need…show more content…
It is incredible and unimaginable how many people actually rely on this government to stay alive and healthy. Without Medicaid, so many people would not be alive today. I personally believe that yes, this country needs Medicaid to survive, although I do understand it from the opposing side. I understand why some citizens of the United States want to get rid of this program. I mean, why would they not? It does not benefit themselves, actually it puts them at a disadvantage. They have to pay for themselves and pay taxes that goes towards paying for other people they do not even know. Unlike those people who oppose governmental help, I realize that our country would not survive without it, but also can not thrive with it still operating. If medical insurance was not provided to these people then there would be a rapid spread of diseases and illnesses because the lack of immunizations and medicines. It would also decrease the population by very much because so many people would die without this help. However, without medicaid the country would be in less debt due the fact that almost one half of all of the federal budget is put towards social security and health care. In conclusion, I believe that Medicaid is a necessity to keep our country alive, even though this is the opposite of many people my
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