Social Work Case Study: Yong Center

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This worker has completed at least monthly home visits with Yong Ring and Kimberly since this worker was assigned the case in . This worker has observed that the Yong loves Kimberly and is excited to have Kimberly as permanent member of her family. Yong wants to provide permanency for Kimberly and demonstrate this through advocating for her needs and providing and loving and supportive home. There are no licensing concerns regarding the Yong.
-Understanding of child's background and history: Yong Ring is Kimberly's paternal grandmother. She is fully aware for the child's background and history. She has good understanding of what will be required to assist her when she may have questions or needs regarding her personal histories.
-Anticipated response to child's future needs: Yong Ring has begun planning for Kimberly's future needs. Ms. Ring has demonstrated her willingness to provide for all of Kimberly's needs.
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Ring's nurturance and protection, Kimberly is happy and well-adjusted. Kimberly has made great improvement in school both academically and behaviorally. Kimberly has begun to demonstrate appropriate emotional and social interactions on a regular basis. Kimberly iswell-bonded to the Yong; she seeks affection and reassurance and are appropriately affectionate towards the family.
-Kimberly is liveing in a loving and stable home environment where her basic needs are met and she receives regular medical care. Kimberly has family and friends in the area to help support her
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