Social Work : Child Welfare Services Essay

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Who would like to believe that “... no child will face horrors of poverty, homelessness, abuse and neglect, and inadequate health care or live in an environment where crime, alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse are the norm” (Colby and Dziegielewski 216). Social work in general is such a broad field, one must be well informed about the varying areas encompassed within it. With each area there are certain aspects that makes each unique in its own way. Each works toward the same end goal which is bettering helpless individuals and providing them with correct resources to ensure continual growth within their lives. One of my favorite areas, that was also connected to the social worker I interviewed was child welfare services. Through the usage of three viable sources: a textbook, a phone interview, and an scholarly article child welfare services is examined through a social working perspective.

As discussed in great detail in Introduction to Social Work: The People’s Profession child welfare is more than just what society makes of it. The chapter begins by giving general statistics about population and births rates between varying years within the United States. It also mentions the societal or televised definitions of how the welfare of a child should be. It defines child welfare through the eyes different theories. There is also a section describing the diversity of the family structure over the years migrating from a two-parent household, to a one-parent household, to a

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