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I have wanted to be a social worker since I was in middle school. I am aware that a career in social work is not for everyone, but I believe it’s a career for me. I enjoy helping others weather it is lending a hand or helping solve a problem. Social workers are able to give back to society which is a goal of mine. I believe that I possess the skills and personality traits that a social worker needs to be effective and successful. I do not posses all of the skills a social worker needs. However, I will continue to work toward the skills I need through education and proactice.
There are many skills a social workers needs in order to be succesful and effective. Skills included problem solving, intervention tecqniques, and being able …show more content…

I do not mind waiting for people, and respect their needs to take their time or express their emotions before contiuning on with their conversation. I believe that I can be a strong leader, if I work on my confidence. In small groups or one on one I am more comforatble. In large groups where I am considered the leader I get nervus. However, I have started trying to overome my fears by taking on group leadership roles at my church.
I do not believe that I have any limitations goinging into field, but I do have weaknesses. I do not have work expereince as a social worker. So I believe that my bigggest weakness in a lack of experience. I volunteer at a hospice agency, but I am mainly in the office. Another weakness is beginning conversations. I enjoy talking to people, but I am not a great conversation starter. I believe that field will allow me to view conversation tecnique and allow me to imporve my own conversation skills. My volunteer experiences and class I have taken at Limestone has lead me to presue a career helpin the eldelry. I have volunteered at Kindread hospice since middle school. The hardest part about hospice is when clients move on. However, hospice care is rewarding. Clients last wishes are meet, they are comfotable, and there needs are meet within their home. At my church I volunteer as a greter and vist the eldelry Sunday school rooms along with home visits. I enjoy each time

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