Social Work Reflection

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In the classroom, I have had the opportunity of being in both the social worker role and the client role. These experiences have provided me with great knowledge on how to go about certain situations that may arise, as well as interventions that may be beneficial to the clients. During the in-class exercises, I have noticed that in the role of a social worker I get thrown off if the client responds too strong or responds in a way that is unexpected. I become speechless because I am completely caught off guard and it seems like I no longer have control over the conversation. During one of the role plays, I received feedback from the instructor and my peers on how to combat this issue. The instructor communicated the benefits of using playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (PACE), during those times when I am stuck. The instructor showed me exactly what PACE looked like in this situation where the client was not wanting to go to school. She showed me what it means to accept what the client may be saying or feeling in the moment, being able to empathize and understand the client, as well as being curious rather than making assumptions about the client. The instructor also helped me to address the client in a positive way when I felt that the client was being disrespectful. Prior to this class exercise, I had never heard about PACE, yet when I look back on the social workers that I have shadowed, I have seen them use it numerous times but did not know it was an

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