Communism During The Cold War

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Throughout the Cold War the United States circulated the idea that communism was not just the enemy of capitalism, but would lead to the undermining of American democracy. Under the propaganda communism was written off as a structure that would take the power from the individual and give it to the state allowing for the rise of totalitarian oppression. Communism was made to be a threat to the freedom our government and the free market system provided. Marx’s considered socialism however, as the necessary step to communism, true democracy, equality and freedom in releasing the individual from exploitation at the hands of the bourgeois. In the following paper, I aim to demonstrate that socialism is more compatible with the values of …show more content…

Ignoring that this factory worker could be making so little that to prioritize these clothing options could literally mean forgoing buying food or paying bills, it would not change the fact that it is so much harder for this person to support a cause she believes in than any other person with a greater income. It is the basic imbalance in energy put toward an issue that eliminates the equality in voting. Further, her changing of her budget could mean that she would then be unable to contribute to another cause she is invested in, effectively taking her voice away from one issue to speak on another. Under system a person can have no vote at all. For Marx, this is evidence of the individual being controlled by production and thereby consumption.
Socialism seeks to give the worker an ability to produce in an unalienated way to redistribute power to the working-class majority. For Marx when the worker is given control of production rather controlled by it, the worker is able to be independent and in a sense, truly free. The worker is put into and contributing to the process of planning rather than an alienated production where her work is exploited. She is given a vote by having a means of control in the process of her work. When the workers in a business control of the means of production then each worker is given an equal level of ownership in which their voice is heard. For example, the factory worker now owns along with her fellow workers the machinery

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