Socialization Of The Neolithic Age

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The Neolithic Age was the modern breakthrough to a more convoluted form of social administration. Before the Neolithic Age, civilizations relied heavily on hunting and gathering various types of plants and animals for food. Due to this, these hunters had a very versatile life. They moved to different locations throughout the year in order to hunt the animals. As a result, there was no reason to settle down in a permanent location. However, as conditions became much more drier, civilizations were forced to migrate to different demographic locations near larger bodies of water in order to survive. Correspondingly, society needed to acquire certain methods of producing rather than hunting and gathering. Due to this, the civilizations needed to lead a more sedentary lifestyle. At that time, the Neolithic Revolution was born. The Neolithic Age demanded humans to grow their own food and live off the land. However, this process took a great deal of time to perfect. It took civilizations roughly ten years to complete the process. In addition to this, some individuals of society would hunt while the others raised different forms of grain from untamed grasses. (Adler & Pouwels, 2018) Researchers Adler and Pouwels (2018) stated that during the Neolithic Age, civilizations started to settle in more permanent locations, usually in small villages and towns. Unfortunately, it took a great deal of farming and herding tactics in order to support the entire population of that civilization.

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