Society And Its Disorder In Les Miserables And The Kite Runner

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Society and Its Disorder People are judged; they are condemned by two words-civilized or barbaric. Yet, there are various components that coincide to make this perception. Society is not composed of a singular idea it is more so a coupling of ideas; society is interconnected. Gender decides the level of power and power decides who is rich. Abused power influences civilized or barbaric tendencies. The masses decide when power is abused and what is considered barbaric. A small faction of society believes differently from others creating this discord; that is why there is always opposition prevalent in society. In Les Miserables and The Kite Runner, there is strife happening in many relationships that display the aspects of society. Gender gives you power; males are considered more powerful in comparison to women as a result of their physical makeup. People also mistake what the Bible conveys about the male and female relationships. In the Bible, God states that men should be the head of the house and are responsible for anyone in his household; while women should take care and bring up the children and support the man. God intended this to be a balance of power between soft and strong. The Bible states in Ephesians 5:23-33 “Wives be subject to your husband.. Husbands love your wives.. So husbands ought also to love their own wives as they love their own bodies..He who loves his own wife loves himself;..” However, countless people misinterpret this description-because they
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