Society Must Take A Stand On Domestic Violence

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Society Must Take a Stand on Domestic Violence Domestic violence has become an epidemic in our society and must not be ignored. We as human beings all have feelings and opinions on this subject. It is just human nature to try and avoid confrontation of any sort, but even more so when getting involved in another’s domestic relationship. I cannot count the times I have heard someone say “it’s not my problem” or someone making that profound statement “mind your own business, this does not involve you.” This seems to be the general consensus when tallied and tolled. The statistics speak loudly and somewhere in our life time we will all witness the devastating effects of domestic violence on someone we love and care about and suddenly it becomes our problem. The statistics show 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. As stated by (Bancroft & Silverman, 2002)” men, are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults in the US” (p. 4). In homes where a child witnesses domestic violence, whether or not the child is physically abused by the abusive parent. The child will most likely suffer emotional and/or psychological trauma. Children who witness abuse in the home where fathers abuse their mothers are denied the loving home that fosters healthy emotional development. When a child grows up watching dad abusing mom, they grow up with a role model that uses
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