Society 's Pressure And Promote A Perfect Body Type For Women

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Society’s Pressure to Promote a Perfect Body Type for Women For centuries, the perfect body for women in society has played a significant role. It is an ongoing issue around the world that is a battle between the forces. Everywhere from television, magazines, cosmetics, gym, diet supplements, nevertheless opinions of family and friends. Every day most women struggle with the idea of society, not viewing them as a beautiful person or sex symbols. While others engage in achieving this goal to fit into society. Society has groomed many women to believe that the perfect body exists. Unfortunately, women will never achieve a perfect body that society displays with all the constant changes. No one should have to change their individuality just to fit in society utopia. The instant women are born into the world they are already being viewed by society. We as women have no clue what lies ahead for us from society. As little girls we inherit particular genes from both parents to help shape and mold them throughout life. As little girls they are taught how to look, talk, and carry ourselves in a certain way. From the color pink is for girls, painting your nails, staying in shape and with balancing being a woman is hard enough. Young girls and women are often defined by their bodies’ types. Weight has played an incredible role in women 's body type as well as height. Women who weigh less than a hundred pounds are considered skinny or to some she may be the perfect size

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