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To start off this article, we are going to look over a group of different writings and writers in different positions and fields of study. When talking about academic freedom people have trouble finding the boundaries, which is not to say those boundaries are always pressed or necessarily stretched. It can be a rocky path to decide how to express your ideas and thoughts, these days there are so many guides, methods, styles and types of writing that it can even be confusing at times.
What does the liberty to express free thinking ideas, a person’s rights of writing and speech, and the pursuit of truth really mean? We can’t all be in each other’s heads, hearing the thoughts as the gears grind them out, and everyone thinks differently so this …show more content…

In the case of Nasr Abu Zaid this was a very big issue and ended badly for him as the views of the religious party involved disagreed with his writing entirely. Right at the beginning of his paper Abu Zaid says, in the introduction, “I brought to attention the relationship between political Islamist discourse in Egypt and the socio-economic scandal caused by the so called Islamic Investment Companies” Zaid, N. A. (1996). The case of Abu Zaid. Index on Censorship. His statement here is directly confrontational. He was removed from tenure, basically chased out of his own country, and separated from his wife because of the conflict of …show more content…

Covering some common subjects is becoming harder and harder in tenure because of the social and economic nature of the topic. In many of these writings there has been examples of ways to properly agree and disagree with something and avoid being confrontational and continue to be professional.
How to fit design elements into a paper in the proper way is extremely important and is directly linked to the best practices for writing a constructive paper, this ties in well with freedom of speech. If an argument is not compiled and constructed properly, it will most likely be combated with another greater argument and could possibly offend someone. At the university level problem solving and thinking of ways to enhance solutions need to be derived out of useful ideas, the more time people spend fighting about things.
Behavior due to policy change involving academic freedom causes conflict, also differing regulations and policies cause question and creates thinking and expression that in most cases is not ideal. The issue of academic freedom is multifaceted and is a very broad subject with many sub-topics, many writers, students or professors are unjustly treated because of an expression or belief they have

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