critical thinking - annotated bibliography

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Abercrombie, S. (1990). A philosophy of interior design. New York; Harper & Row. The rationalization of how interior design can be affected by the design thinking process is imperative to the comprehension of how interior design itself affects the psychological wellbeing of the end user. Abercrombie considers that conceptualization of the overall desired result is necessary as a starting point, rather than part by part. This human-centered umbrella approach is significant to design thinking as it encourages design to focus empathetically on the end user rather than as an afterthought. Taking Interior Design to another level (in business as well as in general) will involve the marriage of comprehensive…show more content…
Eidson directs the research in a timeline context including significant events and aspects which further the critical thinking process. Poldma, T. (2009). Taking Up Space: Exploring the Design Process. New York; Fairchild Books. Poldma dissects the Interior Design one element at a time. Her book will assist with the research required of this paper by providing evidence of the measured process by which the Interior Design profession is founded. She carefully elevates both the pragmatics and philosophy required by Designers within the industry as we are often asked to offer both subjective and objective feedback simultaneously. She encourages the functional use of the programmed elements within a space rather than simply filling the environment with unjustified items, essentially what is added into a space should not just take up space but serve a purpose. This purpose(s), as will be argued in the author’s paper, can only be justified with the use of design thinking. Brown, T. (2009, July). Designers – think big! [Video file]. Retrieved from Brown seems to be the forerunner of expertise on design thinking which makes the addition of his TedTalk into the research vital. It is Brown who defines design thinking
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