Socio-Economic Class And Health: A Case Study

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Using examples, discuss the ways in which a person’s socio-economic class and his/her social situation can have an impact of his/her health.
The aim of this essay is to discuss the ways in which a person’s socio-economic class and his/her social situation can have impacts on his/her health. In order to do this, the essay will look at definition of socio-economic class, definition of health, the essay will mention the impact of housing, poverty, environment, employment, and education. Finally, the essay will focus on the impact of housing and environment on health.
Adler and Ostrove (1919) states that in the first part of this era examined the nature of relationship of socio-economic class and health revealing a graded association, socio-economic …show more content…

The middle class often identify two grouping within the middle class. These are the old middle class of relatively prosperous proprietors –either self-employees (for examples, a country practice vet) or the new middle class of none of non-manual employees (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, 2000)
There is a wide diversity within the new middle class: the university professor, the school teacher and the school secretary. The best-paid rub shoulders with peak privilege and power, having reached the foothills of upper class (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, 2000). The worst-paid earn less than skilled manual workers, and are sometimes referred to as the non-manual section of the working class (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, 2000). Sociologist often identify two main groupings within the working class: skilled and semi-skilled employees (for example, plumbers and telephone operators), who earn about the same as lower-middle-class employees (for example, nurses and social-workers (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, 2000). Unskilled employees (for example, cleaners and dishwashers) and non-working people on low fixed incomes (for examples, long term unemployed, pensioners and rough sleepers (Walsh, Stephens, and Moore, …show more content…

Within the UK, just as the concept of health is socially constructed, people’s health and ill-health varies geographically and through the different strata of society (Black Report, 1890).
Housing is a building in which people live; resident of human beings. People in the professional classes often fell sufficiently confident about their future and their ability to take on a mortgage to buy their own home. (Moonie et al., 2000 People in the higher social classes choose where and how they would like to live. People in unskilled social categories tend to have less choice sometimes, forcing people to rent property in some densely populated housing areas (Moonie et al., 2000). Social Trend (2000 cited in Moonie 2000 p.300) “state that among the economic active, 9 out of 10 household in the professional, employer and manager groups were owner-occupiers in 1998-1999 compared with half of those in the unskilled manual group.”
Wealth and income will affect the lifestyle that people enjoy with the respect to housing. Wealthier people will often live in more spacious, and less stressful conditions than people in the low income (Moonie et al.,

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