Sociocultural Perspective In Social Work Essay

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Culture has an effect on behavior based on the beliefs, values, and norms accepted in that culture. To understand a client’s behavior, it’s important to understand their culture and the influences it has on the client. By understanding culture and analyzing it through one or more sociocultural lenses, social workers can understand how society perceives clients and how clients view themselves (Rogers, 2016). According to NASW standard 1.01a (1999), social workers need to understand how culture influences human behavior and society. To efficiently work with clients and understand their behavior, a social worker needs to view a client through an applicable sociocultural lens.
To help clients and fight for equality, social workers must push for social justice by modifying social institutions to meet the needs of members of society (Rogers, 2016). Social change is a way to push for change to improve people’s situation (Rogers, 2016). According to NASW (1999), social workers are expected to fight for equality and social justice for all people. Social change allows social workers to look at client problems in a way that will help them make large scale change to benefit members of society.
The Sanchez family is a large family that is in need of social services. Each family member has their own needs that are influenced by their culture and environment. It’s important to understand a person or system, their environment, and how they interact; the following examines the

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