Sociological Exploration Or Research Is A Complex Process

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Jennifer Wilson
Intro to Sociology
Professor Hartley
Essay #2

Essay#2 Sociological exploration or research is a complex process. At what time a scientist attempts to figure out the way the natural world works, he will utilize experiments to search for the cause and effect. In other words, they construct an experiment so they can observe or evaluate any change in one entity and cause another to vary in a repetitive way. When things change within an experiment they are called variables. A “variable” is a characteristic that can change in value or magnitude under different conditions. With experiments, there are three types of variables, independent variable, dependent variable and control variable. The independent variable is a …show more content…

Step four you will collect data, this is a critical step in the research process. It provides information needed to solve or explain the research questions. Step five involves analyzing results. In this step, all the information that has been collected to answer the question is compared to the variables to determine the difference. Step six involves presenting the finding of the research. This is where you will validate or confirm your theory by the data collected and analyzed finally presenting your findings or your theory. No matter what approach that is used in research, the researchers want to maximize the study’s reliability which is the consistency with which the same measure produces similar results time after time. Researchers also strive for validity which is the degree to which a measure is accurate and really measures what it claims to measure. The six steps of the scientific method in research and the relationship with between cause and correlation can be explained by saying that correlation merely occur when we detect change in two simultaneously; causation exist when we can demonstrate in one influence that causes the researchers need to establish correlation and time order and rule out alternative explanations. A survey is a widely-used research methods, a survey can be defined as a valuable research

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