Sociological Factors Of Criminal Behavior Essay

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This paper will focus on the sociological factors of criminal behavior. This study will illustrate how society and other external influences drive an individual into committing crimes. Differential Association Theory and Strain Theory will be applied in this paper. Research by Agnew, Helfgott, Merton, Sharma, S., Sharma, G., & Barkataki and others will be examined as well. Additionally, an experiment conducted by Patenoster, McGloin, Nguyen, & Thomas and a story told by BBC will be used as an aid to a deeper understanding in the external factors of criminal behavior. The main focus centers around on how society and other external factors play a role in the development of criminal behavior. Keywords: crime, Differential Association Theory, Strain Theory, deviance, delinquency, media, society, copycat crime, external factors, criminal behavior

Criminal behavior is defined as an act that violates the public law established by the government. Individuals exhibiting criminal behavior may be subjected to negative consequences such as imprisonment or death penalty. Criminal behavior is normally associated with deviance, which is the violations of norms (Henslin, 2017). The factors which influences the criminal behavior is often debated by researchers, whether they are acquired or inborn. Specifically, scientists who study sociobiology believe that genetic predispositions lead people to engage in deviant or criminal acts (Henslin, 2017). As the study of genetics

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