Sociological Imagination Case Study

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1. Define: Sociological Imagination is when an individual has a problem that is produced from social conditions around them. Or even when the individual and their family, even others that have no relation are effected by the social conditions around them causing them problems. It is the idea that is meant to help people/sociologist see societal issues that cause problems for the people within that society, not just the individuals themselves. How private problems are in a relation to public problems is due to how they bring a cause and effect chain to happen. Once a private problem starts to effect more than just one or a few people and starts to trouble a widespread of people it then turns into a public problem. So, if a few people are affected by a problem but then later more people get effected by the same issue then it becomes a…show more content…
For example, a private issue could be that an employee does not show up for a day without reason. After a while more
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