Sociological Imagination

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Using the Sociological Imagination template as a guide, I will now discuss the origins of Australian cultural diversity as well as discuss how the Australian health care system s have met the needs of such a diverse population base.
The sociological Imagination template is a tool that is used for social analysis (Germov, 2014). Social imagination was devised by Charles Wright Mills (as cited in Germov, 2014), to explain the “sociological approach to analysing issues” (p. 7). Researching this topic, in particular, our Australian history, I found to be quite shocking. I was surprised to find such discrimination towards our culturally diverse population, specifically, our Aboriginal population. I was also surprised to find that our historical events of the past continue to play a role in the prevalence of illness and mortality among the Aboriginal community.
Australia is one of the most multicultural Countries in the world, with almost half of Australia’s current population being born in another Country (ABS, 2017).
There are numerous defining historical events that took place across the nineteenth and twentieth century that played a key role in shaping our nation The Aboriginal people were the first culture to inhabit Australia, however the first significant event that contributed to Australia’s multicultural society was the arrival of the British convicts on the first fleet in the late 1700’s. With the arrival of the British, came disease and discrimination towards the

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