Sociological Perspective On Psychology : Psychodynamic Psychology

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Summarize Major Historical Perspective in Psychology Essay Psychodynamic Perspective- There is four major perspectives in psychology: Psychodynamic, Behaviorism, Humanistic, and Cognitive. Each theory represents a psychology approach to unlock the human mind. A psychology approach is known as a perspective; today there are many different approaches in psychology that contain specified beliefs about the mind and Human Behavior. Individually each perspective is different they have their strong points and weak points, however each perspective does represent important assumptions that were fundamentally researched with methods and questions that are used to answer inquiries in psychology regarding human behavior and the mental process. …show more content…

Freud believed our behavior is already determined by our experiences we had from childhood through the unconscious mind and that the occurrences we had in our childhood can have such an impact on our behavior as we grow into adulthood. Psychodynamic theory is often referred to as psychoanalytical therapy which describes the terms of personality through psychological process which includes our dreams, fears and wishes we are not fully aware of through psychotherapy explores the clients unconscious thoughts and emotions. He suggested that our personalities are formed by three reasons: the ego, id, and superego the Intrapsychic elements. A supporter of Sigmund Freud early on was Carl Jung, a member of Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. They shared interest of the unconscious. Jung anticipated that the unconscious mind consisted of two layers which emphasized the importance of the unconscious in relation to personality. Personal unconscious is the first layer and this layer is basically the same version of the unconscious as Freud’s. This part of the unconscious contains information that is temporarily forgotten and becomes a part of your repressed memories. The Collective Unconscious known as the second layer is considered the most important and significant difference between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. This is said to be Jung’s most original workings and that it is very controversial to the personality theory. (McLeod, S. A. (2014). Carl Jung.

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