Sociology: Beliefs of the Supernatural

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Religion is an assortment of beliefs that a certain group upholds, and decided to have faith in it. There are a lot of religions in the world, each with their own belief. The beliefs here usually are a set of teachings of what’s right and what’s wrong. Some beliefs also explain extraordinary events that happen, like what happen after you die? Or, how was this world created?
Typically, these beliefs and explanations usually came from one supernatural source: God. Most religion believed that God is a supernatural being that creates the world and also mankind. They also believed that He/She is watching us, writing our deeds and sins, while deciding what He/She should do with us next.
In the past, religion has always been beneficial towards human beings, as it guides us through 6000 years, telling us what is good and what is bad. It also teaches us morals and kindness towards other people. It also helps groups of humans co-operate and live side-by-side. A lot of countries in the past also depend on the doctrines of religion to solve their governmental problems.
But, in the modern era of the world now, religion has begun to lose its holiness, because a lot of people have used religion as an advantage, either to control, war, oppress and etc. All of it then produces never-ending conflicts, social diversification, even stopping science from advancing.
Religion can factor a conflict to happen, if not; it fuels conflict that already existed, making it worse. This is really ironic

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