Socrates And Aristotle's Impact On Their Culture And Ideas

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How did ideas and philosophers/philosophes impact their culture and ours? My question for you is, how did they not? From Socrates to Rousseau they all had an impact on us, and they are the reason why we can live our lives the way that we do. Greece created the ideas that fueled the revolutions, everyone was inspired by those original Greek ideas. Those who were inspired by those ideas inspired us and the world around us. They are the reason this world is the way it is today. In Greece there were Socrates and Aristotle. Socrates believed in self- examination, questioning, and actions. Socrates believed that the amount of wisdom that they had contributed to their ability to think, reason, and make choices. He believed that choices humans made were in the pursuit of happiness and that the best wisdom comes from one knowing themselves. He also believed that the government should be run by the people who had the ability to run it rather than a democracy or tyranny.5. Aristotle wanted man to learn everything that they could about everything that they could physical could. He felt that if man could find a way to prove things by following a system (basis of the scientific method). 6 Let’s start in England with Hobbes and Locke. Hobbes believed that the people should all have equal rights with none having more or less than the person next to them, other than the monarch who should have absolute power. He also believed that people need a strong government, by the monarch getting
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