Socrates And Confucius. Numerous Thoughts And Behaviors

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Socrates and Confucius Numerous thoughts and behaviors of people are influenced noticeably or invisibly by our society and culture. Compare Westerners with Easterners, plenty of ideas they share are in common. Whereas, the special identities which come from their own culture changed them differently. Along with the development of human culture, great ancient thinkers and philosophers contributed their life to influence people’s beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors from generation to generation. Socrates from a Western country and Confucius from an Eastern country were considered the famous philosophers in their times. They both educated people with their thoughts, got involved in politics, and pursued virtue in their life, …show more content…

While in Eastern countries, professors plan to serve knowledge to students directly, and students don’t need to talk very much in classes. Students are being tested frequently each week for each subject. That’s one of the reasons that cause Eastern students don’t know how to talk effectively in class but do well on exams. Although Socrates and Confucius got involved in politics, their attitudes towards politics were not alike. Socrates tried not to be involved in politics because he already knew that if he acted to prevent something wrong happening in politics, he would be in danger. But unluckily, his idea of impious against politics in Greek, and finally he was sentenced to death for insisting his faith (“Socrates 469 BC...”, n.d.). Differently, Confucius worked hard to get into politics during his entire life. He already had a picture to be a politician and how to talk and act carefully. Unfortunately, his vision of ethics was opposite to the legalistic minds (“Center for Global…”, 2017). Even though he got a government job, he was still rejected by surrounding politicians which forced Confucius giving up his job in government and contribute his life into teaching other people (“United Religions…”, 2002). These two situations about Socrates and Confucius showed the alterations of politics between Western and Eastern countries. In Western countries, people’s minds are very

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