Socrates Was An Athens A Greek Philosopher

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Michael Kline
Professor Copley
October 6,2015

Socrates was an Athens, Greece born man, who is credited as one of the main founders of Western Philosophy. Socrates never wrote any of his thoughts and experiences down, so we just know and analyze Socrates through the dialogues of his greatest apostle, Plato. Although, the dialogues written by Plato are not totally focused on summarizing Socrates’ life, but more about his teachings and examining of others, you never really learn how Socrates lived in an everyday life. He appeared to be a very simple man, with not many possessions or riches to his name. Socrates never did participate in political reform in Greece, but rather choose to converse with every day Athenians to analyze and instruct them about virtue and examination. He based his life off the simplicity of understanding virtues and the search for wisdom. His quest for wisdom and the instruction of others through dialogue seem to be Socrates’ most important aim in life. His questioning and examining ended up getting him in trouble, as explained through “The Apology,” Socrates was brought in front of a jury with charges of not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, of inventing new deities, and of corrupting the youth of Athens. The case ended with him being charged as guilty, and instead of accepting exile for this rest of his life; he chose death by drinking hemlock poison. In “The Apology,” Socrates claims “the unexamined life is not worth living
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