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Critical Thinking Paper
What makes up a person? What sets humans apart from animals and objects? And what makes a person unique and different from everyone else? Socrates's conviction that the improvement of the soul is the central project of philosophy (p.60). Socrates believed that the psyche or soul is what sets us all apart. It is the reason why we study philosophy; to look within yourself to create a better you and world around you. Because without the improvement of the soul, you can not properly understand the things of the world. The specific idea I want to talk about in my paper is that the soul is the central importance of philosophy according to Socrates.
Socrates saw himself as a "physician of the soul." When he talks about being someone that cares for the soul, he means he is a teacher who is teaching others to become good thinkers and an ethical person. He believed it was very important to continually learn and improve yourself because your soul is eternal. Socrates spent his whole life teaching that the unexamined life is not worth living, that the truth lies within each of us, we should strive for excellence in all areas of life, no one knowingly does evil, and it is better to suffer wickedness than to commit it. He says in The Apology written by
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Socrates believed that virtue and excellence of the soul is the consequence of knowing and wisdom (p.62). Socrates believed that in soul searching you will ask yourselves important questions regarding all things good and therefore you and are conscious of right and wrong and become a good person. I have to disagree with Socrates statement because even in our present day lives we hear about pastors, government officials, or officers who's job it is to serve and protect the people who go about stealing, cheating, and being dishonest with the very same people they swore to serve. I believe that people can still know what is right and do
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