Socs Have Things Hard In Life In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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In the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, what Cherry Valance meant by saying, “Things are rough all over.” Is that even though they were a socs, and they had lot’s of money, dream clothes, toys and cars, they still didn’t have a very easy life because sometimes their parents didn’t really care about them and they had nothing to do with them, or they were always bored because they never appreciated the things they had. The first reason why socs still have things hard in life is because their parents never really payed attention to them and got them anything they wanted. In the book after Bob died, Randy went to Ponyboy and talked to him about how Bob was a good guy, but sometimes he didn’t know how to stop. He had no limits. When Randy was …show more content…

What Cherry Valance meant when she said this is that socs still have things rough because their parents educated them differently. This quote is kind of related to the one above but, what really shows that socs still have things rough from this quote is that they have a different type of lifestyle. Not because of the things they have/own, but because of the different things their goals are in life and their thoughts on things depending on the type of life they have and the way they were educated/raised by their parents. What she meant when she said that the greasers are more emotional than the socs is that the socs were always more cool and chillaxed because their parents never wanted them to be mad or sad so the parents always had something to give their kids so they would stop complaining or to cheer them up. The greasers were more poor and they wouldn’t always get gifts so they always had to get over things without any help or with anything that can distract them. Greasers wouldn’t forget sad things very easily the way socs did. Socs always wanted everybody to think they’re cool even though sometimes deep down inside they were sad, mad, etc. Another example of socs having a hard life just like greasers did is when Randy was talking to

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