Software Testing And Its Commercial Effectiveness

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Software Testing
Describe the purpose of software testing and provide examples of its commercial effectiveness.
Purpose of Software Testing:-
The main purpose of software testing is to ensure that the software package that has been created is running as it has been programmed, to work out any glitches or code that prevent the program from completing the actions and functions that it has been set within the code, although this is the purpose of software testing, this is not the aim, the aim of software testing is to ensure that all of the functions of a piece of software will not impact on the user in a negative way, the ease of usability and the maintainability of a piece of software.

There are a number of different styles/types
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Fault Tolerant Testing:-
Fault Tolerant testing is used to verify that the packages actions does not perform in detrimental nor unexpected ways for input parameters that could be illegal or out of range, and have the required catches in place to help prevent these input parameters being used; fault tolerant testing ensures that the software works smoothly and as elegantly as possible.

Integration Testing:-
Integration testing is used to make sure that the software package can be used with subsystems and other software packages sharing data and or converting information between multiple sub systems, as well as verifying that they can be used together with other packages and the parameters which are passed between them can and are handled correctly.
Regression Testing:-
Regression Testing is used to retest the sub systems /units/modules and also help ensure that any modifications that have been applied to any or all of these areas do not cause any unwanted or unexpected results within the current system or a connected subsystem or software package that is linked to the one being tested.
Software Testing Examples
There are a number of examples that I can use to show situations where software testing has been correctly completed and where software has not and I shall
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