Solar Energy And Nuclear Power

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As we go throughout life, we use all kinds of energy sources for our various needs. Whether it be from solar energy to wind energy, there is a multitude of sources that allow us to do the things we do each and every day. Throughout the world however, coal and nuclear power have risen to the challenge and provided us with most of our energy needs. To this day, nearly 40% of all electric generation comes from coal with it providing the United States with 21% of all its energy needs as well (Siegel, 2012). On the other hand, 20% of the entire electric generation comes from nuclear power (Hsu, 2013). As anyone can see, coal and nuclear power are an essential part of our electrical needs. However, each of these sources can be a determinant to the environment as well in terms of contributing to global warming to even contaminating the environment with waste. Over time, we have come to realize that each energy source has a potential to be dangerous to our world and even the country we live in, but the question posed here is whether coal or nuclear power is better for America. Throughout this paper, the pros and cons of each will be mentioned as well as the outcome of the research in terms of determining which source is ultimately better for not only the environment, but ourselves as well. From powering manufacturing plants to contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the economy, coal plays an important part in our society. To this day, coal accounts for 40% of all electric
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