Solar Temple Cults

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Many cults in the world exist some are good and others are unpleasant. Some of the cults join together to do good things such as meeting people and bonding with those of the same religions and expressions as yourself. There are also; bad cults that have killed many people and even some cults have killed even their own members although, there is not a lot of cults that have committed suicide to end their own cult like the Order of the Solar Temple had done. The Order of the Solar Temple was a great example of mob mentality. They all believed in the same things, acted upon and did things together that they would probably not have done if they were acting alone. The Solar Temple cult was created in 1984 by a guy named Luc Journet. The cult was created when another cult called the “Knights Temple” split which created the Solar Temple. The cult was mostly known for the mass suicide as well as the murder of 74 of its members which occurred between the years of 1994-1997. “The Solar Temple cult believed that the earth would face a horrible, catastrophic event in the 1990’s” (“Order Of The Solar Temple” 1). They believed that it was good to get on a higher spiritual level before this horrible event happens and they decease. The Solar Temple cult was very secretive, they kept their actions and beliefs as much of a secret as they could. To become a member of the Solar Temple cult you had to keep everything a secret that you learn from the cult, because the cult is all about being

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