Soldiers Have Been The Most Significant Part Of An Armies'structure Throughout Military History

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Ordinary Soldiers have been the most significant part of an armies’ structure throughout military history. They have not only been essential in the continued development of warfare but have also shown great determination when facing the hardest struggles in combat and an ability to complete their objectives. However, even though the ordinary soldier continues to fight and to carry out his orders, he is put through some of the hardest traumas and hardships that the world has ever seen or known. As a result of this, people question why soldiers continue to risk themselves physically and mentally in the affairs of others. Although soldiers have been put through extreme ordeals in combat throughout military history, the ordinary soldier continues to fight for his sense of duty to his country, his belief in the cause, and his comrades in arms; furthermore, these reasons transformed throughout the centuries, as a result of influences such as military, political, and societal.
Even though soldiers are constantly exposed to extreme trauma and ordeal, they still fight for a sense of duty to their state. For example, French troops during the French Revolution fought for their sense of duty to the establishment of a free France. This feeling of responsibility to the state can be seen in Howard’s War In European History when it is said that French troops were fighting as “free men to defend freedom” (79). Also, a sense of duty to the state can be seen in ordinary French soldiers’
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