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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on. “(Frost).”
Robert Frost had to go through several different obstacles in his life, either it being a child dying, dropping out of college, and getting deathly ill. Pancho Villa had been in jail multiple times, but in the end he had succeeded by not giving up and with determination. Babe Ruth had grown up on the streets, and had nothing going for him for a majority of his life, and he still became one of the best baseball players to date. Although all of these famous people to get over huge obstacles in their life, all of these people in this article, Robert Frost, Pancho Villa, and Babe Ruth, had to overcome several obstacles in life. Robert Frost not only had to
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When frost returned to America in 1915, ‘North of Boston’ was a best seller. “Tall muscular body and a rugged face, with its pale watchful eyes became a familiar sight; as the hair whitened and the face grew saggy, and the body thickened, those eyes remained the same.”(Robert.) In 1917, Frost became one of the first poets in residence on an American Campus. Frost returned to Amherst for 2 years in 1923 and joined the University of Michigan in 1975, and then settled in Amherst in 1926. (Robert.) “Because of his weak lungs, his doctor ordered him to go south in 1936, and there after he spent his winters in Florida.”(Robert.) In 1961, at the inauguration of JFK, Frost recited ‘The Gift Outright’, the first time a poet had honored a presidential inauguration. On Jan 29, 1963, Frost died in Boston, following an operation. A large amount of frost’s poems were based off of the seasons. After Robert Frost’s birth, his father soon became interested in politics. Robert Frost was a great person due to the fact that no matter how many times he was down, he always got back up and did something great. And by the same token, Babe Ruth accomplished a lot of the same things.
Babe Ruth, or George Haman, had an extremely rough childhood, with little to no supervision and little schooling. (Babe.) George Haman or Babe Ruth had become the greatest baseball player in the history of the game. Ruth helped establish baseball as the national pastime. Also Ruth was

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