Some Of The First Humans From Africa

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Some of the first humans originated in Africa. Although there are some very impressive cities in Africa, it is an area of the world which is less developed, and has far more poverty when compared to the rest of the world. Some of the causes for this may be because of bad geographic luck, people were racist towards them, and imperialization. The first way that Africa is believed to be behind other countries is because of bad geographic luck. Many of the successful civilizations in the world have beasts of burden that were native to the region. This prevented them from using new technologies like the plow, and meant that they had to do all the work with manpower. The people living in the fertile crescent had sheep and goats, and the people in Europe had horses. Africa also did not have crops that were easy to grow and provide a lot of protein that other successful civilizations had. The people in the fertile crescent had wheat, and the Chinese had rice. Both wheat and rice are crops that are easy to grow and are nutritious. The people in Africa did not really have any choices in terms of farming. They had crops that took a lot of time and effort to grow. They had to focus and spend a lot of their time and energy on farming, which did not allow them to spend a lot of time on specializing. People with a surplus of food could afford to have some people specialize and develop on new technologies that they could not before. Africa also did not have access to water like most

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