Some People Think High School Students Should Take a Year to Work or Travel Before Going at University

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Some people think high school students should take a year to work or travel before going at university.
Some people believe that students should work or travel for a year before going at university,in my opinion I totally agree. Experiencing the world of work expands the mind. The experience will help us to see how the various aspects of college education relate to each other and to life outside of college. The richness of experience will powerfully inform your academic work.
First I`ll talk about advantages and disadnvantages of one year working or travelling before going at university.There are a lot of advantages,but also there are some disadvantages.I think that we should work a certain period before going at university,because we`ll
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They could figure out that they have done the wrong choice since they would not be able to deal with all the issues they encounter there, so they would not only waste money in vain, but also precious time. Some teenagers would not be able to cope with such issues as responsibility and independence because they would need help and could not do it on their own, therefore they could not bear a whole year abroad if they traveled to a foreign country.
Another disadvantage of spending a year abroad is the possibility of losing contact with friends at home. Since the teenagers who decide to take a break from school and do not continue their studies are spending a year away from home and from their friends, they could easily neglect their friends by not calling or writing them often enough. When the students would return home, their friends might have moved on with their lives and could have found other friends since they would have already started their university life.
A year abroad could also be dangerous if students chose to travel to a less developed country where crime is the order of the day. The teenagers could betake themselves in dangerous situations and could, if the worst comes to the worst, get hurt.
Another negative aspect concerning spending a year in a foreign country before going to university is the fact that the students could forget a lot of academic subjects such as mathematics and natural sciences. This could be a disadvantage

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