Song Of Solomon Coming Of Age Analysis

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Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Prompt #1 “Comprehensively analyze, both personally and socially, how Milkman "came of age".

Lisbeth Sosa Mr. Amoroso Pd.3 AP Literature

Prompt # 1
Comprehensively analyze, both personally and socially, how Milkman "came of age". When presented with adversity in a period of time stoical emotions can manifest and present itself with a sense of impetuous reaction leading to awakening. Realizing the issues revolving around us can ingrain confounding ideas to discover the truth that lies beneath our skin. Ardently is essential to accompany in one's journey to discover unanswered questions relating to unrevealed cultural identity. Social awakening and personal journey …show more content…

You've been laughing at us all your life. Corinthians. Mamma. Me. Using us, ordering us, and judging us" (Morrison 215). Milkman deleterious actions became part of others suffering experiencing this awakens him to finding his own cultural identity and himself. His personal growth is extremely necessary to finding his social conscience, blocking others perception towards him would've not awakened his questioning. "But she was considered his private honey spot, nor a real or legitimate girl friend-not someone he might marry"(Morrison 91) Hagar abundance and security enable milkman to be apathetic and no longer concerning himself with others health and obscureness that will be inflicting upon them. Milkman at this point wasn't taking any women seriously and believes no one was worthy of his attention Hagar, his mom, and his two sisters were pure examples of him not caring about women. Why did Milkman presented himself with such determination of lacking affection towards them, was there a reason why? Milkman's identity is covert and inconspicuous, in order to reconcile he has to separate from the things he experiences every day later others perspective help him to set himself free. The first awakening towards finding himself is presented while in Michigan, him telling his father about the secret relationship Corinthians, his sister, has with a member of the 7 days demonstrates his other side and we witness the commencement of his tenderness. Milkman

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