Sony 's Life As We Know It

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Sony was founded by Honorary Chairman Akio Morita. Sony has changed everyone’s life as we know it. Sony has produced everything from batteries to the new next generation console, the PlayStation 4. From CD-Rom games, to digital cameras and camcorders, Sony is moving the world into a new generation of electronics, games and music.
It all began in 1988 when Sony and Nintendo teamed up and tried to make a sequel to the Super Nintendo. They called this the Super Disk. They wanted to do this because this is the next step for gaming and it was also much cheaper to create. Nintendo soon figured out that Sony would get all of the rights and credits to all the games so Nintendo decided to leave side from Sony. This is what encouraged Sony to keep pushing the CD idea. In 1996, the PlayStation was invented.
First we will start with Sony PlayStation’s first CD-Rom invention, The PlayStation One a.k.a PS-X or PS1. When Sony introduced this system to the world, people went crazy. People had new favorite games to play going from the Crash Bandicoot series to Spyro the Dragon and even Professional Wrestling. The Playstation One is where video gaming had its big step-up. Not only the invention of a CD-Rom playing console, but the making of a whole new controller. This controller was different for any other controller for two main reasons, its shape and size. PS1’s controller was the first “3D” playing controller in the world. Nintendo’s controllers were flat which went with their 2D

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