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Damien Russell
Social Policy
Poverty and Social Security
Is work a route out of poverty?

In recent years there has been much debate on the subject of work and is work the true route out of poverty? This piece of work will show both sides of the story as in how people look at the topic from government officials to the common person. It will look at policies that government have set to get people back to work. This piece of work will look at a number of different sources. There are many that still believe that staying on benefits is the best choice for them and there is much evidence to support this point as well, this point can be seen more and more in the last 7 or 8 years, …show more content…

In truth, there are millions who still live in a poor household and this is even when there is at least one occupant that is in a full time job, these people are still in poverty because wages are not keeping up with the rate of infliction. In recent years the number of household that are working and that are still in poverty has actually increased. Although in recent years the number of households that have no one working in them and that were in poverty has declined, so it can be seen that in some cases work is not the route out of poverty. Buck, (2008)

The more you look into this subject in depth the more you see that there seems to be no way out of poverty even if the person is working in a full time job. The state of the nation report which was done by Alan Milburn suggests that work is no longer the way out of poverty because of the rise in day to day living which has been rising for many years, but the minimum wages has not being keeping up with this rise. Alan Milburn believe that to help with the minimum wage, the winter fuel allowance should be cut. He pointed out that pensioners are not affected by the down turn as much as younger people that are still working. This point was seen to be citizen heavily. Alan Miburn also say in the report that there should be more of a performance-related pay for teachers and many other jobs. The

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