Sophocles ' Greek Tragedy And The Chorus

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Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, has a voice beyond the main characters. The chorus plays a major roll in this tragedy. In Greek plays, there were a select few main characters and the chorus was the rest of the cast. (INSERT). To completely understand the tragedy, it is important for the read to read the whole play including the chorus. The chorus is valuable to the play with their knowledge and cultural awareness of the time. Not only did the chorus provide extensive context, but also their other main job was to verbally judge the main character’s actions and moral decisions. The chorus provides the audience with new perspectives on the tragedy and the characters themselves.

In Oedipus Rex, the chorus was composed of Thebans. At the start of the tragedy, the chorus’ main job was to provide the audience with the circumstances that surround the beginning of the play. The chorus provided information about the widespread destruction that has happened to the protagonist. For Oedipus, he is on a path to self-discovery and the chorus has to constantly remind him to remain calm when tried to find who murdered Laius. Sophocles’ chorus foreshadows and provides the main characters with crucial information that will help in the future. The chorus was composed of wise, old citizens. The chorus also warns and suggests to the audience what could potentially be happening later in the play. With the cultural awareness, the chorus demands Oedipus

to not kill Creon. This is extremely

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