Sophocles 'The Plague In Oedipus The King'

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At the beginning of the play, Oedipus prioritizes his people.
By saying this Oedipus is putting his people first by noticing his people were in pain and suffering from the plague,Oedipus is talking to his city, “my poor children no one suffers more than I do”(1). When he says “my poor children” he thinks the people of Thebes as family to him. “ no one suffers more than I do”(2) he takes on their pain as his own. Oedipus also shows how much his city means to him. “I mourn for their lives more than I do my own”(2). Oedipus benefits his people he feels the grief and sadness they are going through. He makes it a priority to find out what caused the illness and he does whatever it takes to do so. The plague is one of the many situations where Oedipus puts his people first.
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Oedipus is starting to get frustrated with Tiresias because Tiresias is accusing Oedipus and saying that he is the wound that is in the city, he is the one that killed Laius “ you can hurt no one, old man; neither me nor anyone else who sees the light. Your food bowl is a never ending darkness” meaning your words do not affect me and my people because i will not let them believe, and if so i will bring justice upon you. The words that you speak are nothing but a bunch of lies that you will carry for all
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