Sore Loser: A Non-Profit Analysis

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Lawrence you posted the following in The Speakers Lab Community Group: “Hello everyone I am a speaker that focus on recovering from lost, failure, and what I called injuries. I have the products from the book, online program, and podcast but I lack the booking. I want to know how to get booked around the country and various opportunities. Is there any advice? Thanks” If you want to be a ‘public person’ you need a public Facebook page. I suggest that start a public page. No one should have to friend you to read your post and find out more about you. Public figures are followed. Big difference. If someone decides not to follow them they can still see and read their page. You also need to decide on One Brand and stick to it. Your book is ‘Sore Loser,” with the subtitle “The Secret Passion Within.” Your hashtag is #IAMASORELOSER. Your Twitter account is @fireintheheart1. If the program you are promoting is yours on your page, you’ve named it, “The BluePrint.” You are also presenting yourself to the public as the “Reinforced Foundation Academy.” To many names. You need to find one and stick with it. You need a subtitle that you can play off of and stick with it. You are in the process of building your first brand. You cannot jump all over the place. …show more content…

You need a PodCast. You need a blog. You need to work each daily. Use your weekly Podcast and break it into short blog posts. Link your blog posts to Facebook. Link Facebook to Twitter. Post pictures of you speaking and recording to Instagram. Publish full transcripts of your PodCasts to LinkedIn and put links to your PodCast on your LinkedIn home page. If you are going to use Sore Loser to jump start your career then focus on sports terms: sportsmanship, competition, whines, blaming, defeat, , taking a loss, winning, game, contest, spirit, rules, bullying … you get the idea. How to Stop Being A Sore Loser and Become The Winner that You

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