Soul Food Is Bad For Your Health Essay

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Soul Food is Bad for Your Health!
Do you believe that food is an important factor in the everyday human life? Yes. A simple answer. Food is important because it can nourish the body, or it can poison the body and hinder it. A popular debate that rages continuously within the African American community is if soul food is actually bad for a person or not. The debate has migrated to non-blacks who consumed southern foods and soul foods regularly. There is supporting evidence on both sides of the battlefield, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, through scientific research and reason, it explains that soul food in fact bad for one’s health just as some people believe. However, before we are able to understand the benefits and drawbacks of something, we have to know what it is. Soul food, a term that goes back many generations and it is not fully known where in the States did term originate; however, it is known the term came about in the 1960’s. The 1960’s were a time where many African Americans wanted to learn more about their origin and heritage (Bode). Soul food was introduced long before the 60’s and even dates back to the slaves. It is an ethnic cuisine that is prepared and eaten by African Americans mainly in the southern portion of the United States. Dishes consist of foods that slaves consumed during their lifetime such as chitterlings, pig’s feet, hogs head, collard greens, chicken, and corn bread. These are just a fraction of the many foods

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