Source A And B: Helpful Or Useful?

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Sources A and B are useful to a historian studying life on plantations because source A says a slave worked very hard on the plantation and had a poor diet. Slaves would have suffered tough punishments. They received no medical attention if someone was sick they would unfortunately, have died and the average life expectancy was only 26. Furthermore, source B is also useful because it says they wanted on the plantation picking cotton and tobacco. It also says that they worked very long hours working most of the and having hardly no sleep work from sunrise to sunset. In addition, Source A and B are also useful because source A was written by a historian named Aaron Wilkes. Therefore, he would be well educated on the topic and could have researched a range of sources. In addition, it also was written in 1993, this means it would be a secondary source giving the historians plenty of time to reflect on events. Source B is also useful because it was written by a slave, so it would be a primary source, meaning experienced life on plantations first hand and would be truthful. And would be a bit negative because of the conditions on the plantation boat.…show more content…
As well as this, sources B is also quite useful as it was written in a diary. Consequently , it is likely to be the slaves true thoughts as he probably didn't intend for anyone else to see it so he can be honest and
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