South America, France, And Detroit

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Challenging Regions: South America, France, and Detroit
For each successful school system, one could identify multiple systems that have failed or are currently failing. Challenging or underperformed school systems can be found at the continental, country or state level. Additional challenges are found both in developed and underdeveloped regions. Nonetheless, there are a myriad of reasons that contribute to school system failures, regardless of locations. Social, economical, cultural or pragmatic aspects are common reasons cited for ineffective or unsustainable school systems.
Latin America currently has an education system that faces significantly low performance and pressure for education improvement by local, state and national authorities. (Chafuen, 2014) In 2012, PISA ranked almost every Latin America countries below the global average for participants. Chile in particular, scoring ten percent lower that the average, was the highest-ranking country in Latin America. (PISA, 2012) (See Appendix III) Leaders of Latin America have identified economical factors as the leading cause of educational inequalities and lackluster overall academic performance by the region. Furthermore, leaders of the region like, Herald Beyer, push the government to help economically disadvantaged people by providing additional funding and merit-based scholarships. (Crellin, 2012) By pushing the government to provide these economic resources, leaders look to afford people of low economic status

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